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28 October 2011 @ 07:33 pm
[1 PICSPAM] - MERLIN BBC: 4.03.  
I made a picspam with many quotes.

Under cut. Enjoy!

A caravan of colourful carts enters the square. Merlin is impressed, Arthur not.
Merlin: Oh! Did you see that?
Arthur: It's a man throwing some sticks in the air.

Later in the Banquet Hall ...A knife throwing.

Uther: It's my time ...
Arthur: No, you can't die!
Uther: I know you will make me proud as you always have. You will be a great King.
Arthur: I'm not ready!
Uther: You've been ready for some time, Arthur.
Arthur: No. I need you ...
Uther: I know I've not been a good father, I put my duty to Camelot first. I'm sorry.
Arthur: Don't say that.
Uther: But know this, Arthur, I have always loved you.

Agravaine: Uther has been mortally wounded. He lies on his deathbed. Gaius says he has only days to live.
Morgana: I hope the image of my face haunts him. ...
Agravaine: When Uther dies, the kingdom will be weak. We must chose our moment carefully.

A beautiful view ...

Arthur: There is still so much I want to say to him. He cannot die.

Arthur: There is a way to heal my father.
Merlin: How?
Arthur: With magic.

Arthur: If you were me, if it was your father, would you use magic to save his life?
Merlin: Yes. I would, I would do whatever it took.

Arthur: Are you sure this is the right place? It looks like a charcoal maker's hut.
Merlin: The old man can hardly make a living by practising magic. I think a lot of sorcerers are in the charcoal business.

Arthur: You are my father's only hope. I will give you anything you ask. Land, gold - name your price.
Old Merlin: I do not want your gold. All I have ever wanted is that people like me can live in peace. That those who practice magic are accepted, rather than hunted. That is all I ask. That is the price of your father's life.
Arthur: You have my solemn word, that, when I am King, things will be different. You will not have to live in fear.

Agravaine: Arthur has gone to consult with a sorcerer. He means to use magic to heal Uther.
Morgana: Then we must see to it that he fails. ... You must place the charm around Uther's neck.
Agravaine: What will it do to him?
Morgana: The force of any healing magic will be reversed, and magnified tenfold. By trying to cure his father, Arthur will seal his fate.
Agravaine: Arthur will never forgive himself. He will be destroyed.
Morgana: And a broken Prince will make a terrible King.

Arthur: Is that really as fast as you can walk?
Old Merlin: When you are as old as I, we will see how fast you can walk. I need to rest a moment.
Arthur: There is no time.
Old Merlin: Then perhaps you should carry me?
Arthur: Fine. ... Did you just kicking me?

Old Merlin heals Uther.
Arthur: Father ...
Uther: Arthur ... His breath starts to fail.
Arthur: What's happening?!
Old Merlin: I don't know.
Uther goes still.
Arthur: Do something!
Old Merlin: He is dead. ...
Arthur: What have you done?
Old Merlin: This was not to supposed to happen.
Arthur: You gave me your word. You have killed him. You killed him ... You will die for what you have done.

Morgana: Uther's dead, isn't he?
Agravaine: How did you know?
Morgana: I felt it. I felt his pain.
Agravaine: I thought Uther's dead would be cause for a celebration?
Morgana: Arthur will replace him. There will be no celebration until I take my rightful place on the throne.

Arthur to Merlin before his lonely walk to Uther's side: All I know for sure is that I have lost both my parents to magic. It is pure evil. I will never lose sight of that again.

Sun rises. Merlin waits for Arthur. Arthur opens the door and Merlin looks at the shadow.
Arthur: Merlin?
Merlin turns around.
Arthur: It is a new day. Have you been out here all night?
Merlin: I didn't want you to feel you were alone.
Arthur: You are a loyal friend, Merlin.

Geoffrey of Monmouth: Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of Camelot according to their respective laws and customs?
Arthur: I solemnly swear so to do.
Geoffrey of Monmouth: Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?
Arthur: I will.
Geoffrey of Monmouth: Then by the sacred laws vested in me, I crowned you, Arthur, King of Camelot!
All/Gwen: Long live the King!
All/Merlin: Long live the King!

devi09: Merlin bbc | Sir Leon | Red Capedevi09 on November 3rd, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)